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Frequently-Asked Compliance-Related Questions


Q1; How is production and consumption calculated?
Q2; Are Article 5 Parties eligible for exemption from the Protocol’s ODS phase out requirements?
Q3: What are the implications of the decisions on process agent uses of ODS?
Q4: What is the process for getting information on ODS exported to my country by other Parties?
Q5: What is a quarantine and pre-shipment use of methyl bromide?
Q6: How much Annex A group I CFC can an Article 5 Party produce for basic domestic needs in the period 2007 to 2009?
Q7: How are illegally traded ODs treated by the Protocol?
Q8: How are used ODS treated by the Protocol?
Q9: Which Parties must report transhipment of ODS and import for re-export of ODS?



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