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On the occasion of World Ozone Day – 16 September – which commemorates the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, UNEP and its partners are pleased to announce that 36 artists have won the Asia Pacific Regional Ozone2Climate Art Contest. The competition, which took place over a one-year period, was designed to increase public awareness about the importance of the Protocol for protecting human health and nature and the need to protect the ozone layer.

Thirty-four countries from Asia and the Pacific participated in the contest with more than 6,000 pieces of artwork in the categories of drawing, graphic design, and photography submitted.

The artworks were independently evaluated by all National Ozone Unit (NOUs), a Regional Judging Committee consisting of representatives from UNEP, UNESCO, Mahidol University, as well as one youth representative and one vision artist from Thailand. The final winners were determined by combining the votes of the NOUs, the Regional Judging Committee and over 27,000 votes from the general public.

“UNEP OzonAction enthusiastically applauds each and every one of the artists. Such exceptional visual messages are a powerful means for communicating the message that all of us have a role to play in protecting our environment by addressing ozone depletion and climate change.” said Mr. James Curlin, Head of UNEP OzonAction.

Ms. Rika Yorozu, Head of Executive Office and Regional Programme Coordinator of UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, said, “Such creativity for peace and sustainable development is at the heart of UNESCO's mission".

Ms. Dechen Tsering, UNEP Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, congratulated the winners, stating that “all of the artwork is very impressive, inspiring and hopeful – this includes both the winning entries and the other submissions”.

For more information contact: Shaofeng Hu, Senior Montreal Protocol Regional Coordinator,