PPT Icon The 2010 Ozone Assessment: Addressing the Needs of the Parties Paul Newman
PPT Icon The Interface between the ORMs and the Scientific Ozone Assessment Mike Kurylo
PPT Icon Review of the Recommendations of the 7th Meeting of the ORM, May 2008 Mike Kurylo
PPT Icon History and Financial Status of the Trust Fund for Research and Systematic Observation Meg Seki
PPT Icon Report of the Data Quality Workshop Karel Vanicek
PPT Icon Other Activities under the Trust Fund for Research and Systematic Observation Geir Braathen
PPT Icon The Current and Future States of the Ozone Layer Greg Bodeker
PPT Icon Links between Ozone and Climate Paul Newman
PPT Icon Influences of Ozone Layer Depletion ande Climate Change on UV-Radiation: Impacts on Human Health and the Envionment Janet Bornman
PPT Icon WMO Global Atmosphere Watch Liisa Jalkanen
PPT Icon The Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change (NDACC) I. Stuart Mc Dermid
PPT Icon International Ozone Sonde Activities Russ Schnell
PPT Icon Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) Greg Bodeker
PPT Icon Integrated Global Atmospheric Chemistry Observations for Ozone and UV (IGACO-O3/UV) Geir Braathen
PPT Icon The New SPARC ODS Lifetime Assessment Stefan Reimann
PPT Icon Ground-based Networks for Measuring Ozone- and Climate-related Trace Gases Stefan Reimann
PPT Icon Atmospheric Concentrations of ODSs and ODS Substitutes: Scenarios and Trends Guus Velders
PPT Icon The Stratospheric Processes and their Role in Climate Project of WCRP Johannes Staehelin
PPT Icon Lessons Learned in Creating Long-term O3 Datesets: Recommendations for the Future P.K. Bhartia
PPT Icon U.S. Satellinte Programmes Ken Jucks
PPT Icon European Space Agency Activities Jean-Christopher Lambert
PPT Icon KNMI Space-Based Measurements Activities Peter van Velthoven
PPT Icon EUMETSAT and O3SAF Geir Braathen
PPT Icon Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Hideaki Nakane on behalf of Masato Shiotani
PPT Icon Summary of Key Issues in Space-based Measurements Jean-Christopher Lambert
PPT Icon Keynote Address: Science Highlights from the 2010 Ozone Assessment A.R. Ravishankara
PPT Icon Region 1: Africa Gerrie Coetzee
PPT Icon Region 2: Asia (Uekubo, Nakane)

Tetsuro Uekubo, Hideaki Nakane

PPT Icon Region 3: South America Claudio Casiccia Salgado
  Region 4: North America, Central America and the Caribbean  
PPT Icon --- USA Russ Schnell, Ken Juks
PPT Icon --- Canada Bruce McArthur
PPT Icon --- Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean Juan Carlos Pelaez Chavez (delivered by Geir Braathen)
PPT Icon Region 5: South West Pacific Janet Bornman
PPT Icon Antarctica Jonathan Shanklin
PPT Icon Czech Republic Activities in Antarctica Michal Janouch
  Region 6: Europe  
PPT Icon --- European Union Jose Mingo Jimenez
PPT Icon --- Belgium Jean-Christopher Lambert
PPT Icon --- Czech Republic Karel Vanicek,
PPT Icon --- Germany Wolfgang Steinbrecht
PPT Icon --- Nordic Countries Niels Larsen
PPT Icon --- Poland Bogumil Kois
PPT Icon --- Switzerland Rene Stubi
PPT Icon --- Turkey Yilmaz Acar
PPT Icon --- UK Willaim Cook
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  1. Research Needs  
PPT Icon --- Paul Newman, Janet Bornman  
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  2. Systematic Observations  
PPT Icon --- Stefan Reiman, P.K.Bhartia  
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  3. Data Archiving  
PPT Icon --- Karel Vanicek  
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  4. Capacity Building  
PPT Icon --- Stuart McDermid/Ayite-Lo Ajavon  
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PDF Icon Scientific Research on the Ozone Layer in Kyrgyzstan  
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