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Annex VII : Suggested regulatory standards for destruction facilities

Pollutant Stack Concentration Comments
PCDD/PDCF <1.0*ng/m3 Frequency, method of sampling, and limit for the ODS that is being destroyed as recommended by national regulatory agencies
HCI <100 mg/m3
HF 5 mg/m3
HBr/Br2 <5 mg/m3
Particulates <50 mg/m3
CO <100 mg/m3 Continuous emission monitoring with 1 hour rolling average
ODS   Atmospheric releases of ODS shall be monitored at all facilities with air emission discharges (where applicable) to ensure compliance with the recommendations of the report of the ad hoc Technical Advisory Committee on Destruction Technologies.

* Toxic equivalence using international method. Emissions limits are expressed as mass per dry cubic metre of flue gas at 0oC and 101.3 kPa corrected to 11% 02.