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Title Chairs/conveners/facilitators
Budget committee Facilitator: Mr. Henry Wohrnschimmel (Switzerland)
Contact group on replenishment study Facilitators: Mr. Ralph Brieskorn (Netherlands) and Mr. Leslie Smith (Grenada)
Contact group on the 2022 quadrennial assessment Facilitators: Ms. Cynthia Newberg (United States of America) and Mr. Samuel Pare (Burkina Faso)
Contact group on CFC-11 Facilitators: Ms. Annie Gabriel (Australia) and Mr. Osvaldo Alvarez-Perez (Chile)
Contact group on TEAP TORs Facilitators: Ms. Lara Haidar (Lebanon) and Mr. Philippe Chemouny (Canada)
Informal group on lab and analytical uses Facilitator: Ms. Stacy Kauk (Canada)
Informal group on CUNs Facilitator: Australia
Informal group on ExCom membership -
Informal group on Panel nominations -
Energy efficiency Facilitator: Ms. Ana Maria (Micronesia (Federated States of))
Informal consultations on CTC Facilitator: Mr. Henry Wohrnschimmel (Switzerland)