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Technology and Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP)

In 1990 the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel was established as the technology and economics advisory body to the Montreal Protocol Parties. The Technology and Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP) provides, at the request of Parties, technical information related to the alternative technologies that have been investigated and employed to make it possible to virtually eliminate use of Ozone Depleting Substances (such as CFCs and halons), that harm the ozone layer.

TEAP reports
MDI Transition Strategies (by United Kingdom)
MDI Transition Strategies (by USA)
MDI Transition Strategies (Prepared by Australia)
MDI Transition Strategies (Prepared by European Union)
RTOC Assessment Report 1998
STOC Assessment Report 1998
TEAP Assessment Report 1998
TEAP Progress Report April 1998
PATF Report April 1997
TEAP Report (Volume 1) April 1997
TEAP Report (Volume 2) April 1997
Corrigendum to the 1997 TEAP Report
Technical Note #2 : Halon Emission Reduction Strategies December 1997
Technical Note #3 : Explosion Protection - Halon Use and Alternatives December 1997
HTOC Assessment Report 1994
MBTOC Assessment Report 1994
HTOC Assessment Report 1993
HTOC Assessment Report 1991
HTOC Assessment Report 1989