Ref: MP/Dec. XIV-5/Oman, Decision No.XIV/5, Global database for the transition from CFC-MDI’s


The available information relating to CFC MDI’s (2000 data) is given below. The CFC-MDI’s are imported and distributed in Oman. They are not produced or exported from the Sultanate of Oman:


Dosage Form              Type of CFC’s                     Total                  Manufacturer        



Inhaler                          Trichlorofluoromethane            1.076               GlaxoGroup

                                    (CFC-11)                               Tonnes


Inhaler                          Dichlorofluoromethane            2.775               GalaxoGroup



Metered                       Freon (11,12,114)                  0.255               Boehringer


Aerosol                                                                        Tonnes             Ingelheim