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Decision VIII/13: Uses and possible applications of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs)

The Eighth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. VIII/13:

  1. That UNEP distribute to the Parties of the Montreal Protocol a list containing the HCFCs applications which have been identified by the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel, after having taken into account the following:
    1. The heading should read “Possible Applications of HCFCs”
    2. The list should include a chapeau stating that the list is intended to facilitate collection of data on HCFC consumption, and does not imply that HCFCs are needed for the listed applications;
    3. The use as fire extinguishers should be added to the list;
    4. The use as aerosols, as propellant, solvent or main component, should be included, following the same structure as for other applications;
  2. That the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel and its Technical Options Committee be requested to prepare, for the Ninth Meeting of the Parties, a list of available alternatives to each of the HCFC applications which are mentioned in the now available list.