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Decision XI/19: Assessment of new substances

The Eleventh Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. XI/19:

  1. To recall that decision X/8 requested Parties that, should new substances be developed and marketed which, following application of decision IX/24, are agreed by the Parties to pose a significant threat to the ozone layer, appropriate steps are taken under the Montreal Protocol to ensure their control and phase-out;
  2. To note that many new chemicals are brought into the market by the chemical industry so that criteria for assessing the potential ODP of these chemicals will be useful;
  3. To request the Scientific Assessment Panel and the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel:
    1. To develop criteria to assess the potential ODP of new chemicals;
    2. To develop a guidance paper on mechanisms to facilitate public-private sector cooperation in the evaluation of the potential ODP of new chemicals in a manner that satisfies the criteria to be set by the Panels;
  4. To request the Panels to report back to the Thirteenth Meeting of the Parties.