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Decision XI/23: Data reporting

The Eleventh Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. XI/23:

  1. To note the improvement in the timely submission of data in accordance with Article 7 of the Protocol;
  2. To note that Parties are to submit data by 30 September of the following year in accordance with their obligations under Article 7;
  3. To urge all Parties to introduce licensing systems in accordance with the provisions of decision IX/8 and Article 4B of the Protocol to facilitate accuracy in data submission under Article 7;
  4. To note that data collection on ozone-depleting substances sectors is important in assisting a Party to meet its obligations under the Protocol and that the Parties might wish to consider the burden of collecting sector data and other data required in the context of the Montreal Protocol at a future meeting;
  5. To note that, because of the significant improvement in the timely submission of data, the Implementation Committee had been able in 1999 to review the control status of Parties for the previous year, 1998. In earlier years, the Implementation Committee had reviewed only the control status for two years prior. Accordingly, decide to request that the Implementation Committee begin a full review of data for the year immediately prior to the Meeting of the Parties beginning in 2000;
  6. To note that many Parties with economies in transition have established a phase-out plan with specific interim benchmarks in cooperation with the Global Environment Facility;
  7. To urge those Parties with economies in transition mentioned in paragraph 6 above to submit to the Secretariat the phase-out plans with specific interim benchmarks developed with the Global Environment Facility in accordance with requests made at the Tenth Meeting of the Parties.