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Annex II: Approved destruction processes

  Concentrated sources Dilute sources
Technology Annex A, Gp. I

Annex B

Annex C, Gp. I


(Annex A, Gp. II)

Destruction and removal efficiency (DRE) 99.99% 99.99% 95%
Cement kilns Approved Not Approved  
Liquid injection incineration Approved Approved  
Gaseous/fume oxidation Approved Approved  
Municipal solid waste incineration     Approved
Reactor cracking Approved Not Approved  
Rotary kiln incineration Approved Approved Approved
Argon plasma arc Approved Approved  
Inductively coupled radio frequency plasma Approved Approved  
Microwave plasma Approved    
Nitrogen plasma arc Approved    
Gas phase catalytic dehalogenation Approved    
Superheated steam reactor Approved    

Notes: 1. The DRE criterion presents technology capability on which approval of the technology is based. It does not always reflect the day-to-day performance achieved, which in itself will be controlled by national minimum standards.

2. Concentrated sources refer to virgin, recovered and reclaimed ozone-depleting substances.

3. Dilute sources refer to ozone-depleting substances contained in a matrix of a solid, for example foam.