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Decision XV/19: Methodology for submission of requests for revision of baseline data

The Fifteenth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. XV/19:

  1. To recall decisions XIII/15 (paragraph 5) and XIV/27, on Parties’ requests for changes in reported baseline data;
  2. To recognize that Parties adopt different approaches to the collection and verification of data and that there may be some special circumstances where original documentation may no longer be available, and therefore to accept the following methodology:
    1. Parties submitting requests to change baseline data are requested to provide the following information:
      1. Identification of which of the baseline year’s or years’ data are considered incorrect and provision of the proposed new figure for that year or those years;
      2. Explanation as to why the existing baseline data is incorrect, including information on the methodology used to collect and verify that data, along with supporting documentation where available;
      3. Explanation as to why the requested changes should be considered correct, including information on the methodology used to collect and verify the accuracy of the proposed changes;
      4. Documentation substantiating collection and verification procedures and their findings, which could include:
        1. Copies of invoices (including ODS production invoices), shipping and customs documentation from either the requesting Party or its trading partners (or aggregation of those with copies available upon request);
        2. Copies of surveys and survey reports;
        3. Information on country’s gross domestic product, ODS consumption and production trends, business activity in the ODS sectors concerned;
    2. Where relevant, the Implementation Committee may also request the Secretariat to consult with the Multilateral Fund secretariat and the implementing agencies involved in both the original data collection exercises and any exercises that resulted in the baseline revision request to comment, and where considered appropriate, to endorse the explanation provided. (The Parties may themselves request the implementing agencies to provide their comments so that they can be submitted along with their requests to the Implementation Committee);
    3. Following review of an initial request submission, if the Implementation Committee requires further information from a Party, the Party will be invited to take advantage of clause 7 (e) of the non-compliance procedure to invite an Implementation Committee representative, or other authorized representative, to their country to identify and/or review the outstanding information.