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Decision XV/23: Potential non-compliance with consumption of the Annex C, group II, ozone-depleting substance (hydrobromofluorocarbons) by Morocco in 2002, and request for a plan of action

The Fifteenth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. XV/23:

  1. To note that Morocco has reported annual data for Annex C, group II, for 2002 which are above its requirement for a 100 per cent phase-out. In the absence of further clarification, Morocco is presumed to be in non-compliance with the control measures under the Protocol;
  2. To request Morocco to submit to the Implementation Committee, for consideration at its next meeting, an explanation for its excess consumption, and a plan of action with time-specific benchmarks to ensure a prompt return to compliance;
  3. To monitor closely the progress of Morocco with regard to the phase-out of hydrobromofluorocarbons. To the degree that Morocco is working towards and meeting the specific Protocol control measures, it should continue to be treated in the same manner as a Party in good standing. In that regard, Morocco should continue to receive international assistance to enable it to meet its commitments in accordance with item A of the indicative list of measures that may be taken by a Meeting of the Parties in respect of non-compliance. Through the present decision, however, the Parties caution Morocco, in accordance with item B of the indicative list of measures, that in the event that it fails to return to compliance in a timely manner the Parties will consider measures consistent with item C of the indicative list of measures.