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Decision XV/28: Non-compliance with the Montreal Protocol by Azerbaijan

The Fifteenth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. XV/28:

  1. To note that, under decision X/20, Azerbaijan committed itself, among other things, to a complete phase-out of Annex A, group I substances, and to a ban on imports of Annex A, group II substances, by 1 January 2001, in order to ensure its return to compliance with its obligations under Articles 2A and 2B of the Montreal Protocol;
  2. To note that data submitted for both 2001 and 2002 showed consumption of CFCs putting Azerbaijan in non-compliance with its obligations under Article 2A of the Montreal Protocol, and also that it has failed to report on the implementation of its ban on imports of halons;
  3. To note further that Azerbaijan has undertaken to ban consumption of CFCs from January 2003;
  4. To urge Azerbaijan to report its 2003 consumption data to the Secretariat as soon as they become available, along with a report on the status of its commitment to ban imports of halons, and to request the Implementation Committee to review the situation of Azerbaijan at its next meeting.