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Decision XV/47: Terms of reference for a study on the management of the financial mechanism of the Montreal Protocol

The Fifteenth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. XV/47:

  1. To approve the terms of reference of the study on the management of the financial mechanism of the Montreal Protocol, contained in annex V to the present report;
  2. To set up a steering panel of six members to supervise the evaluation process and to select a consultant or consultants to carry out the study, to act as a point of contact for the consultant or consultants during the course of the study and to ensure that the terms of reference are implemented in the most appropriate manner possible;
  3. To select the following six members to serve as the steering panel from among the Parties to the Montreal Protocol: Algeria, Colombia, France, Japan, Syrian Arab Republic and the United States of America. The appointed panel has equal representation of individuals selected by Parties operating under Article 5 of the Montreal Protocol and Parties not so operating;
  4. To request the Ozone Secretariat to finalize the procedure for the selection of the qualified external and independent consultant or consultants. On the basis of submitted proposals, the Secretariat shall prepare a short list of qualified bidders and facilitate review of relevant proposals by the steering panel;
  5. To instruct the steering panel to organize its meetings with the assistance of the Ozone Secretariat with dates and venues selected, as far as possible, to coincide with other ozone meetings, thereby reducing the related costs;
  6. To approve the provision of up to $500,000 in the 2004 budget of the Trust Fund for the Montreal Protocol to fund the study;
  7. To ensure that the final report and recommendations are made available to Parties for consideration at the Sixteenth Meeting of the Parties.