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Decision V/8: Consideration of alternatives

The Fifth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. V/8:

  1. That each Party is requested, as far as possible and as appropriate, to give consideration in selecting alternatives and substitutes, bearing in mind, inter alia, Article 2F, paragraph 7, of the Copenhagen Amendment regarding hydrochlorofluorocarbons, to:
    1. Environmental aspects;
    2. Human health and safety aspects;
    3. The technical feasibility, the commercial availability and performance;
    4. Economic aspects, including cost comparisons among different technology options taking into account:
      1. All interim steps leading to final ODS elimination;
      2. Social costs;
      3. Dislocation costs, etc.
    5. Country-specific circumstances and due local expertise;
  2. To note that the Executive Committee is taking the above considerations into account as far as information is available;
  3. To request the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel and its Technical Options Committees in the context of finalizing its report, to provide information on which alternatives and substitutes best satisfied the above considerations, and to update this information on an annual basis;