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Decision XIX/24: Request for change in baseline data by Turkmenistan

Noting that Turkmenistan has submitted a request to revise its consumption data for the AnnexE controlled substance (methyl bromide) for the baseline year 1998 from zero to 14.3 ODP‑tonnes,

Noting also that decision XV/19 of the Fifteenth Meeting of the Parties sets out the methodology for the submission and review of requests for the revision of baseline data,

Noting with appreciation the extensive efforts undertaken by Turkmenistan to fulfil the information requirements of decision XV/19, in particular its efforts to verify the accuracy of its proposed new baseline data through the inspection of methyl bromide use sites,

  1. That Turkmenistan has presented sufficient information in accordance with decisionXV/19 to justify its request to change its baseline data on the consumption of methyl bromide;
  2. To change the baseline consumption data of Turkmenistan for methyl bromide for the year 1998 from zero to 14.3 ODP-tonnes;