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Decision XVI/6: Accounting framework

The Sixteenth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. XVI/6:

Noting with appreciation the work undertaken by the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel, pursuant to decision Ex.I/4, paragraph 9 (f), in developing an accounting framework,

Mindful that after the end of 2005 each Party which has been granted a critical-use exemption is requested to submit information on the quantities of methyl bromide produced, imported and exported by Parties under the terms of the critical-use exemptions,

Aware that such information must be submitted with a Party’s nomination using the accounting framework format,

  1. To adopt the accounting framework, as set out in annex II to the report of the Sixteenth Meeting of the Parties;
  2. To request the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel to include the accounting framework in the next version of the Handbook on Critical Use Nominations for Methyl Bromide.