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Decision VI/11: Clarification of "quarantine" and "pre-shipment" applications for control of methyl bromide

The Sixth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. VI/11:

  1. Recognizing the need for non-Article 5 Parties to have, before 1 January 1995, common definitions of “quarantine” and “pre-shipment” applications for methyl bromide, for purposes of implementing Article 2H of the Montreal Protocol, and that non-Article 5 Parties have agreed on the following:
    1. Quarantine applications, with respect to methyl bromide, are applications to prevent the introduction, establishment and/or spread of quarantine pests (including diseases), or to ensure their official control, where:
      1. Official control is that performed by, or authorized by a national plant, animal or environmental protection, or health authority;
      2. Quarantine pests are pests of potential importance to the areas endangered thereby and not yet present there, or present but not widely distributed and being officially controlled;
    2. Pre-shipment applications are those treatments applied directly preceding and in relation to export, to meet the phytosanitary or sanitary requirements of the importing country or existing phytosanitary or sanitary requirements of the exporting country;
    3. In applying these definitions, non-Article 5 countries are urged to refrain from use of methyl bromide and to use non-ozone-depleting technologies wherever possible. Where methyl bromide is used, Parties are urged to minimize emissions and use of methyl bromide through containment and recovery and recycling methodologies to the extent possible;
  2. Acknowledging that Article 5 Parties have agreed to identify the following:
    1. That definitions relating to pre-shipment applications affect Article 5 countries and that new non-tariff barriers to trade should be avoided;
    2. That the Article 5 countries still need to have more consultations and further approaches to the quarantine and pre-shipment application definitions related to methyl bromide;
    3. That the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations should play a fundamental role in the establishment of common definitions concerning quarantine and pre-shipment applications related to methyl bromide use;
    4. That it is anticipated that the use of methyl bromide by Article 5 countries may increase in the forthcoming years;
    5. That adequate resources from the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol and other sources are needed to facilitate the transfer of non-ozone-depleting technologies for quarantine and pre-shipment applications related to methyl bromide to the Article 5 countries;
  3. Further recognizing that containment, recovery and recycling methodologies relating to methyl bromide should be given a wider application among all Parties;
  4. To request the Open-ended working group of the Parties at its eleventh and twelfth meetings
    1. To further study the most suitable definition for “quarantine” and “pre-shipment” applications relating to methyl bromide use, taking into consideration:
      1. The Methyl Bromide Technical Options Committee report;
      2. The Methyl Bromide Scientific Assessment Report;
      3. The FAO guidelines on Pests Risk Analysis; and
      4. The development of lists of injurious pests;
    2. To consider jointly the definitions issues along with the methyl bromide issues contained in decision VI/13;
    3. To provide the necessary elements to be included for a decision of the Seventh Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol on all the above issues.