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Decision III/12: Assessment Panels

The Third Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. III/12:

  1. to request the Assessment Panels and in particular the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel to evaluate, without prejudice to Article 5 of the Montreal Protocol, the implications, in particular for developing countries, of the possibilities and difficulties of an earlier phase-out of the controlled substances, for example of the implications of a 1997 phase-out;
  2. taking into account the London Resolution on transitional substances (Annex VII to the report of the Second Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol) to identify the specific areas where transitional substances are required to facilitate the earliest possible phase-out of controlled substances, taking into account environmental, technological and economic factors, where no other more environmentally suitable alternatives are available. The quantities likely to be needed for those areas of application currently served by transitional substances shall both be assessed;
  3. to request the assessment panels to identify the transitional substances with the lowest potential for ozone depletion required for those areas and suggest, if possible, a technically and economically feasible timetable, indicating associated costs, for the elimination of transitional substances;
  4. to request the assessment panels to submit their reports in time for their consideration by the Open-ended Working Group with a view to their submission for consideration by the Fourth Meeting of the Parties;
  5. to endorse Decision II/2, paragraph 2, of the Second Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Vienna Convention.