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Decision XIII/12: Monitoring of international trade and prevention of illegal trade in ozone-depleting substances, mixtures and products containing ozone-depleting substances

The Thirteenth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. XIII/12:

  1. To request the Ozone Secretariat, in consultation, as appropriate, with the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel, the World Customs Organization, the United Nations Environment Programme Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (UNEP/DTIE) and the World Trade Organization to undertake a study and present a report with practical suggestions on the issues contained in Decision XII/10 to the Open-ended Working Group at its 22nd meeting, in 2002, for consideration by the Parties in 2002;
  2. That in preparing the study, the Secretariat should use Decision XII/10 as terms of reference and should study solely those issues discussed in that decision.