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Decision XIII/15: Data and information provided by the Parties to the 13th Meeting of the Parties in accordance with Article 7 of the Montreal Protocol

The Thirteenth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. XIII/15:

  1. To note that the implementation of the Protocol by those Parties that have reported data is satisfactory;
  2. To note with regret that 16 Parties out of the 170 that should have reported data for 1999 have not reported to date;
  3. To strongly urge Parties to report consumption and production data as soon as the figures are available, rather than waiting until the final deadline of 30 September;
  4. To urge Parties that have not already done so to report baseline data for 1986,1989 and 1991 or the best possible estimates of such data where actual data are not available;
  5. To advise Parties that request changes in reported baseline data for the base years to present their requests before the Implementation Committee which will in turn work with the Ozone Secretariat and the Executive Committee to confirm the justification for the changes and present them to the Meeting of the Parties for approval.