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Decision XIII/7: n-propyl bromide

The Thirteenth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. XIII/7:

Noting the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel’s report that n-propyl bromide (nPB) is being marketed aggressively and that nPB use and emissions in 2010 are currently projected to be around 40,000 metric tonnes,

  1. To request Parties to inform industry and users about the concerns surrounding the use and emissions of nPB and the potential threat that these might pose to the ozone layer;
  2. To request Parties to urge industry and users to consider limiting the use of nPB to applications where more economically feasible and environmentally friendly alternatives are not available, and to urge them also to take care to minimize exposure and emissions during use and disposal;
  3. To request the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel to report annually on nPB use and emissions.