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Decision XXXIV/12: Updating the information on relevant safety standards

Recalling decision XXVIII/4 on the establishment of regular consultations on safety standards,

Recalling also the continued importance of ensuring the safe market introduction, manufacturing, operation, maintenance, and handling of equipment containing refrigerants that are alternatives to hydrochlorofluorocarbons and hydrofluorocarbons,

Taking note of the importance of being informed on progress in updating relevant standards, such as the recent revision of International Electrotechnical Commission standard 60335-2-40,

Recalling decision XXIX/11, in which the Secretariat was requested to hold regular consultations with the relevant standards bodies referred to in paragraph 7 of decision XXVIII/4, with a view to providing, with regard to standards for flammable low-global-warming-potential refrigerants, a tabular overview of relevant safety standards,

  1. To request the Secretariat to continue providing information on relevant safety standards, as requested in decision XXIX/11, at least prior to each Meeting of the Parties up until the Forty-First Meeting of the Parties, when parties should consider whether to renew that request to the Secretariat;
  2. To request the Secretariat to include further relevant safety standards when notified by a party or a group of parties of the adoption of a standard.