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Decision XX/12: Data and information provided by the Parties in accordance with Article 7 of the Montreal Protocol

  1. To note with appreciation that 189 Parties out of the 191 which should have reported data for 2007 have now done so and that 75 of those Parties reported their data by 30June 2008 in conformity with decision XV/15;
  2. To note, however, that the following Parties have to date not reported data for 2007: Solomon Islands and Tonga;
  3. To note that their non-reporting of data places the Parties named above in non‑compliance with their data-reporting obligations under the Montreal Protocol until such time as the Secretariat receives their outstanding data;
  4. To urge those Parties, where appropriate, to work closely with the implementing agencies to report the required data to the Secretariat as a matter of urgency and to request the Implementation Committee to review the situation of those Parties at its next meeting;
  5. To note that a lack of timely data reporting by Parties impedes effective monitoring and assessment of Parties’ compliance with their obligations under the Montreal Protocol by the Implementation Committee and the Meeting of the Parties;
  6. To note further that reporting data by 30 June each year greatly facilitates the work of the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol in assisting Parties operating under paragraph 1 of Article 5 to comply with the control measures of the Montreal Protocol;
  7. To encourage Parties to continue to report consumption and production data as soon as figures are available, and preferably by 30 June each year, as agreed in decisionXV/15;