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Decision XXIV/4: Essential-use exemption for chlorofluorocarbon-113 for aerospace applications in the Russian Federation

Noting that the Chemical Technical Options Committee has concluded that the nomination of the Russian Federation satisfies the criteria to qualify as essential use under decision IV/25, including the absence of available technically and economically feasible alternatives or substitutes that are acceptable from the standpoint of environment and health,

Noting also that the Chemical Technical Options Committee recommended the acceleration of efforts to introduce appropriate alternatives to investigate materials compatible with alternatives and the adoption of newly designed equipment to complete the phase-out of chlorofluorocarbon-113 (CFC-113) within agreed time schedule,

Noting that the Russian Federation provided in its essential-use exemption nomination a final phase-out plan and nominated 2016 as the final date for CFC-113 use in this application,

Noting also that the Russian Federation is continuing its efforts to introduce alternative solvents in order to gradually reduce consumption of CFC-113 in the aerospace industry to a maximum of 75 metric tonnes in 2015,

  1. To authorize an essential-use exemption for the production and consumption in 2013 of 95 metric tonnes of CFC-113 in the Russian Federation for chlorofluorocarbon applications in its aerospace industry;
  2. To request the Russian Federation to continue its efforts to follow up the CFC-113 final phase-out plan and explore further the possibility of importing CFC‑113 of the required quality for its aerospace industry needs from available global stocks as recommended by the Chemical Technical Options Committee of the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel;