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Decision XXVI/3: Essential-use exemption for chlorofluorocarbon‑113 for aerospace applications in the Russian Federation

Noting the evaluation and recommendation of the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel and its Chemicals Technical Options Committee on the essential-use nomination for chlorofluorocarbon‑113 for aerospace applications in the Russian Federation,

Noting also that the Russian Federation is successfully continuing efforts to introduce alternative solvents in its aerospace industry,

Noting further that the Russian Federation has been successful in reducing use and emissions in line with the technical adaptation timetable developed in collaboration with the Chemicals Technical Options Committee,

  1. To authorize the production and consumption of chlorofluorocarbon‑113 in the Russian Federation for essential uses in its aerospace industry in the amount of 75 metric tonnes in 2015;
  2. To request the Russian Federation to explore further the possibility of importing chlorofluorocarbon‑113 for its aerospace industry needs from available global stocks;
  3. To encourage the Russian Federation to continue its efforts to introduce alternative solvents, adopt newly designed equipment and complete the phase-out of chlorofluorocarbon‑113 by 2016;