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Decision XXIII/25: Non-reporting of 2009 data on hydrochlorofluorocarbons by Yemen in accordance with Article 7 of the Montreal Protocol

Noting with appreciation that Yemen in October 2010 reported all its data for 2009 except for data concerning the controlled substances in Annex C, group I (hydrochlorofluorocarbons),

Noting that the non-reporting of hydrochlorofluorocarbon data places Yemen in non‑compliance with its reporting obligations under paragraph 3 of Article 7 of the Montreal Protocol,

Noting also the party’s explanation at the time of reporting in October 2010 that it had delayed reporting its hydrochlorofluorocarbon data because survey activities for the preparation of its hydrochlorofluorocarbon phase-out management plan were continuing and that it intended to report the data upon completion of those activities,

Noting with concern the lack of response from Yemen to subsequent communications from the Secretariat,

Noting that according to the United Nations Environment Programme, in its role as an implementing agency operating in the party, Yemen had completed the collection of data but had yet to verify it,

Recognizing the security situation and the political and social difficulties faced by Yemen in recent months,

  1. To urge Yemen to work closely with the implementing agencies to report the required data to the Secretariat as a matter of urgency;
  2. To request the Implementation Committee to review the situation of Yemen at its forty‑eighth meeting;