Product name

SolarChill SDD Vaccine Refrigerator by GEF SolarChill Project.

In which country/region it is used

Kenya, Botswana and Colombia


The refrigerator uses R-600a and runs on solar power, generated by solar panels through a direct drive compressor. This is a solution for the off-grid and rural based health facilities with tangible impact to health outcomes.

The compressor powers the refrigerant cycle creating an ice-bank. The power of the sun is essentially stored in an “ice battery”. The cold temperature is transferred from the ice-bank to the storage cabinet. A thermostat maintains the required temperatures in the storage compartment. In low-solar input situations, or when the power is completely disrupted, the thick insulation of the cabinet maintains acceptable temperatures for up to 5 days.

Reliable refrigeration is vital for storing vaccines and some medicines, e.g. liquid antibiotics within a specified temperature range. Solar vaccine coolers are already prequalified by WHO, meeting PQS standards for solar direct-drive refrigerators.

Company name

GEF-funded UNEP Project “SolarChill Development and Testing and Technology Transfer Outreach Project”

by HEAT international DE

Installed and managed by Christian Health Association of Kenya,

Contact details for further information:

Joseph Rugut,,
Nancy Finger,