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Sustainable cold chains


To promote sustainable cold chains in the lead up to the United Nations Food Systems Summit and in support of the Rome Declaration on the Contribution of the Montreal Protocol to Food Loss Reduction through Sustainable Cold Chain Development a virtual exhibition for sustainable cold chains will be launched on World Ozone Day 2021 (16 September). The exhibition will be featured during the UN Food System Summit (September 2021), and the 33rd Meeting of Parties to the Montreal Protocol (23 - 29 October 2021) and beyond.

The exhibition aims to highlight the critical role of cold chains in ensuring food safety and security, decreasing food waste and loss, reducing global warming, and preventing ozone layer depletion. It is a platform to demonstrate commercially available cold chain technologies, mainly targeting applications and equipment with refrigeration and cooling cycles that use ozone and climate-friendly refrigerants and have enhanced energy efficiency characteristics. In addition, the exhibition also aims to identify and highlight game changing and systemic approaches to cold chains. Food cold chain is the main focus, but cold chains for vaccines are also considered.

If you want to showcase your sustainable cold chain technologies and approaches in this virtual exhibition to inform policy makers, end-users and the public, check the call for nominations.

Delivering food safely from farm to consumer requires suitable temperature-controlled environments throughout the transportation chain. The various stages that perishable and temperature sensitive food products pass through to its destination are referred to as the cold chain.

Cold chains play a key role in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals related to ending hunger and poverty, improved food security and nutrition, climate action, sustainable agriculture and fisheries, as well as health and well-being. Efficient, ozone and climate-friendly cold chains help ensure nutritious and healthy food for all by providing longevity of perishable foods and ensuring food safety, as well as increasing the economic return by securing the food value chain from farmer to consumer.

In many countries, food is lost between farm and market due to gaps in cold-chain infrastructure, resulting in 475 million tonnes or 13% of total food production being lost, which is worth $350 billion and enough to feed approximately 950 million people. Access to cold chains in rural areas, especially in developing counties is not widely available to sustain or boost agricultural development. Old or inefficient cold chain equipment also contribute to the greenhouse gas emissions from energy use (indirect emissions) and ozone-depleting and high-global warming refrigerants (direct emissions).

The Sustainable Cold Chain Virtual Exhibition will collect and showcase cold chain technologies and approaches with relevant sustainable characteristics. It will provide access to critical information for policy and decision-makers as well as public and private sector end-users, to identify technology options and stay abreast with latest state-of-the-art cold chain solutions.

The exhibition will be continuously publicized through the communication channels of various partners.

The exhibition will be launched to the public on 16 September 2021 as part of the World Ozone Day celebration and highlighted during the events of the United Nations Food Systems Summit in September this year as part of the United Nations General Assembly and the 33rd Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol from 23 to 29 October 2021. The exhibition will continue beyond these events; with submissions reviewed and accepted, if applicable, for the next foreseeable years.

Any technology provider may propose a technology applied in the food (and vaccine) cold chains for inclusion in the exhibition if it meets the following criteria. In addition, nominations on game changing and systemic solutions to cold chains are also welcome.

Please submit your nomination using this form.

Once received, the submitted information will be reviewed by the organizers. If your technology is accepted, a template will be sent for completion summarising your technology for display on the exhibition website, including links to your website and contact details.


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