Product name

Glaciem CO2 Heat Pump and Thermal Energy Storage

In which country/region it is used

Australia, Singapore, China


The heat pump is a transcritical CO2 system that produces heat (for heating water or air) and cooling for refrigeration. Glaciem’s patented ‘dew-point cooling’ technology delivers improved efficiency in hot ambient or very cold conditions. It maximizes the use of renewable energy when used with Glaciem’s thermal energy storage system and supports the electrification of heating in all these environments.

The systems are ideal for large scale heating and cooling for industrial and commercial applications in food production, cold storage and other HVAC applications.

Glaciem’s smart software enables the forecasting, optimization and control of energy flow to optimize carbon footprint and energy costs.

Company name

Glaciem Cooling Technologies Pty Ltd


Contact details for further information:

Andrew Weller
Chief Executive Officer
+61 419 900 363