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Large and small refrigerated transport using coldway technology

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France, and around 10 countries mainly in Europe


The coldway technology integrated in refrigerated truck containers uses R-717, ammonia refrigerant, which is hermetically isolated in stainless steel cylinders in the factory circuit and without the need for an additional refill.

The refrigeration is created through a thermal battery (made by a material that reacts with the refrigerant when it isheated), which does not need any fluid or electric connection with the vehicle. The technology functions in 2 phases: cold and heat production autonomous from any other energy source, and then the recharge is made from the grid.

The battery can store the energy over a long period of up to months. Installation and maintenance on trucks are easy, and the performance is maintained even in harsh thermal conditions (over +42°C).

The trucks cover the last mile delivery with a capacity 100l or more and up to 3m3.

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