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BOOSTER, transcritical CO2 refrigeration system

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The transcritical Booster system uses refrigerant R-744, increasing the performance of CO2 through parallel compressor technology, heat recovery and ejector technology in refrigeration cabinets at convenience stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets. The rejected heat of the system can be used to heat the food store, avoiding the use of methane for heating.

While the price CO2 refrigerating systems is still higher than conventional refrigerant-based technologies, it is balanced by the significantly lower cost of gas. The use of energy saving solutions such as parallel compressor makes CO2 competitive compared to the other technologies also in warmer climates.

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Arneg Group is highly committed to spread the usage of natural refrigerants, in order to preserve the environment and build a more sustainable future. Give a look at the achievements reached until now on the Arneg World Refrigeration Systems Map.

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Arneg S.p.A.

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Enrico Zambotto
Technical Engineering Director - Refrigeration Systems