Product name

Low Charge Central System

In which country/region it is used

USA and Canada


The refrigerant used in the Low Charge Central System (LCCS) is R-717 (ammonia). LCCSs are used in food refrigeration and food processing plants. It is a centralized refrigeration system with large open screw compressors and Variable Speed Drive motors, with 5-25% energy saving compared to traditional individual small compressors.

The system enhances the operational efficiency and reliability of a central refrigeration system by adding the controlled precision of the packaged remote distributed condensing units. This innovative configuration reduces the total system ammonia charge to as low as 0.2-0.4 kg/kW, hence reducing its charge by 80% or more. This enhances the safety for plant and servicing personnel and products.

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Johnson Controls, Inc.

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Cicci Xi
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