Product name

The Solar Cool Cube (walk-in refrigeration)

In which country/region it is used

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Zambia, Tanzania, India, USA


The product is a 20m3 modular and expandable Solar Cool Cube that can be powered by fully solar energy and/or grid. It can freeze, refrigerate, and chill, using R-448A as a refrigerant.

The Solar Cool Cube can save up to 7% on electricity via condenser IP. Strip curtains reduce door-opening cold air loss by 80%. The units have been tested to withstand hurricane winds up to 350 mph.

The refrigeration system is moveable, easy to install, and its life cycle is up to 20 years plus. The product is warranted for 10 years and can be moved up to 5 times.

Company name

DGridEnergy, LLC


Contact details for further information:

Eugene Faison
+1 240-426-9604