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Status of licensing systems for parties to the Kigali Amendment

# Party Date of
Entry into force date Status of licensing system
1 Albania 18-Jan-2019 18-Apr-2019 Pending
2 Andorra 23-Jan-2019 23-Apr-2019
3 Angola 16-Nov-2020 14-Feb-2021 Pending
4 Argentina 22-Nov-2019 20-Feb-2020
5 Armenia 02-May-2019 31-Jul-2019 Pending
6 Australia 17-Oct-2017 01-Jan-2019
7 Austria 27-Sep-2018 01-Jan-2019
8 Bangladesh 08-Jun-2020 06-Sep-2020 Pending
9 Barbados 19-Apr-2018 01-Jan-2019 Pending
10 Belgium 04-Jun-2018 01-Jan-2019
11 Benin 19-Mar-2018 01-Jan-2019
12 Bhutan 27-Sep-2019 26-Dec-2019 Pending
13 Bolivia (Plurinational State of) 09-Oct-2020 07-Jan-2021 Pending
14 Botswana 19-Sep-2020 18-Dec-2020 Pending
15 Bulgaria 01-May-2018 01-Jan-2019
16 Burkina Faso 26-Jul-2018 01-Jan-2019
17 Cabo Verde 28-Oct-2020 26-Jan-2021 Pending
18 Canada 03-Nov-2017 01-Jan-2019
19 Chad 26-Mar-2019 24-Jun-2019
20 Chile 19-Sep-2017 01-Jan-2019 Pending
21 Comoros 16-Nov-2017 01-Jan-2019 Pending
22 Cook Islands 22-Aug-2019 20-Nov-2019 Pending
23 Costa Rica 23-May-2018 01-Jan-2019 Pending
24 Croatia 06-Dec-2018 01-Jan-2019
25 Cuba 20-Jun-2019 18-Sep-2019 Pending
26 Cyprus 22-Jul-2019 20-Oct-2019
27 Czech Republic 27-Sep-2018 01-Jan-2019
28 Côte d'Ivoire 29-Nov-2017 01-Jan-2019 Pending
29 Democratic People's Republic of Korea 21-Sep-2017 01-Jan-2019 Pending
30 Denmark 06-Dec-2018 01-Jan-2019
31 Ecuador 22-Jan-2018 01-Jan-2019
32 Estonia 27-Sep-2018 01-Jan-2019
33 Eswatini 24-Nov-2020 22-Feb-2021 Pending
34 Ethiopia 05-Jul-2019 03-Oct-2019 Pending
35 European Union 27-Sep-2018 01-Jan-2019
36 Fiji 16-Jun-2020 14-Sep-2020 Pending
37 Finland 14-Nov-2017 01-Jan-2019
38 France 29-Mar-2018 01-Jan-2019
39 Gabon 28-Feb-2018 01-Jan-2019 Pending
40 Germany 14-Nov-2017 01-Jan-2019
41 Ghana 02-Aug-2019 31-Oct-2019 Pending
42 Greece 05-Oct-2018 01-Jan-2019
43 Grenada 29-May-2018 01-Jan-2019
44 Guinea 05-Dec-2019 04-Mar-2020 Pending
45 Guinea Bissau 22-Oct-2018 01-Jan-2019 Pending
46 Holy See 17-Jun-2020 15-Sep-2020 Pending
47 Honduras 28-Jan-2019 28-Apr-2019 Pending
48 Hungary 14-Sep-2018 01-Jan-2019
49 Ireland 12-Mar-2018 01-Jan-2019
50 Japan 18-Dec-2018 01-Jan-2019
51 Jordan 16-Oct-2019 14-Jan-2020 Pending
52 Kiribati 26-Oct-2018 01-Jan-2019 Pending
53 Kyrgyzstan 08-Sep-2020 07-Dec-2020 Pending
54 Lao People's Democratic Republic 16-Nov-2017 01-Jan-2019 Pending
55 Latvia 17-Aug-2018 01-Jan-2019
56 Lebanon 05-Feb-2020 05-May-2020 Pending
57 Lesotho 07-Oct-2019 05-Jan-2020 Pending
58 Liberia 12-Jul-2020 10-Oct-2020 Pending
59 Liechtenstein 16-Sep-2020 15-Dec-2020 Pending
60 Lithuania 24-Jul-2018 01-Jan-2019
61 Luxembourg 16-Nov-2017 01-Jan-2019
62 Malawi 21-Nov-2017 01-Jan-2019 Pending
63 Malaysia 21-Oct-2020 19-Jan-2021
64 Maldives 13-Nov-2017 01-Jan-2019
65 Mali 31-Mar-2017 01-Jan-2019 Pending
66 Marshall Islands 15-May-2017 01-Jan-2019 Pending
67 Mauritius 01-Oct-2019 30-Dec-2019
68 Mexico 25-Sep-2018 01-Jan-2019
69 Micronesia (Federated States of) 12-May-2017 01-Jan-2019 Pending
70 Montenegro 23-Apr-2019 22-Jul-2019
71 Mozambique 16-Jan-2020 15-Apr-2020 Pending
72 Namibia 16-May-2019 14-Aug-2019 Pending
73 Netherlands 08-Feb-2018 01-Jan-2019
74 New Zealand 03-Oct-2019 01-Jan-2020
75 Nicaragua 30-Sep-2020 29-Dec-2020 Pending
76 Niger 29-Aug-2018 01-Jan-2019 Pending
77 Nigeria 20-Dec-2018 01-Jan-2019 Pending
78 Niue 24-Apr-2018 01-Jan-2019 Pending
79 North Macedonia 12-Mar-2020 10-Jun-2020
80 Norway 06-Sep-2017 01-Jan-2019
81 Palau 29-Aug-2017 01-Jan-2019
82 Panama 28-Sep-2018 01-Jan-2019
83 Paraguay 01-Nov-2018 01-Jan-2019
84 Peru 07-Aug-2019 05-Nov-2019 Pending
85 Poland 07-Jan-2019 07-Apr-2019
86 Portugal 17-Jul-2018 01-Jan-2019
87 Romania 01-Jul-2020 29-Sep-2020
88 Russian Federation 03-Oct-2020 01-Jan-2021 Pending
89 Rwanda 23-May-2017 01-Jan-2019 Pending
90 Samoa 23-Mar-2018 01-Jan-2019 Pending
91 San Marino 20-Oct-2020 18-Jan-2021 Pending
92 Sao Tome and Principe 04-Oct-2019 02-Jan-2020 Pending
93 Senegal 31-Aug-2018 01-Jan-2019 Pending
94 Seychelles 20-Aug-2019 18-Nov-2019 Pending
95 Sierra Leone 15-Jun-2020 13-Sep-2020 Pending
96 Slovakia 16-Nov-2017 01-Jan-2019
97 Slovenia 07-Dec-2018 01-Jan-2019
98 Somalia 27-Nov-2019 25-Feb-2020 Pending
99 South Africa 01-Aug-2019 30-Oct-2019 Pending
100 Sri Lanka 28-Sep-2018 01-Jan-2019
101 Sweden 17-Nov-2017 01-Jan-2019
102 Switzerland 07-Nov-2018 01-Jan-2019
103 Togo 08-Mar-2018 01-Jan-2019 Pending
104 Tonga 17-Sep-2018 01-Jan-2019 Pending
105 Trinidad and Tobago 17-Nov-2017 01-Jan-2019
106 Turkmenistan 31-Aug-2020 29-Nov-2020 Pending
107 Tuvalu 21-Sep-2017 01-Jan-2019 Pending
108 Uganda 21-Jun-2018 01-Jan-2019 Pending
109 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 14-Nov-2017 01-Jan-2019
110 Uruguay 12-Sep-2018 01-Jan-2019
111 Vanuatu 20-Apr-2018 01-Jan-2019
112 Viet Nam 27-Sep-2019 26-Dec-2019
Note: The symbol “√” indicates that the party has established a licensing system.
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Parties that have not ratified the Kigali Amendment, with HFC licensing systems

# Party Date of reporting on the establishment of the licensing system
1 Iceland 30-Sep-2019
2 Italy 25-Mar-2019
3 Malta 25-Mar-2019
4 Mongolia 18-Jun-2020
5 Serbia 28-Oct-2019
6 Spain 25-Mar-2019
Note: The symbol “√” indicates that the party has established a licensing system.
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Summary table, showing statistics by number of parties

Parties Number of parties
Parties that have ratified the Kigali Amendment 112
Parties that have ratified the Kigali Amendment and established licensing systems 53
* Non-A5 parties 33
* A5 parties 20
Parties that have not ratified the Kigali Amendment but have established licensing systems 6
Total number of parties with licensing systems for HFCs 59
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