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Critical use exemptions: Second Extraordinary Meeting of the Parties (Montreal, 1 July 2005)

Annex to Decision Ex.II/1

Table A: Agreed critical-use categories

Country Categories of permitted critical uses (metric tonnes)
Australia Cut-flowers (1.75); Strawberry runners (7.5)
Canada Pasta manufacturing facilities (2.057); Flour mills (6.974)
Japan Peppers (hot) (9.3); Peppers (green) (65.6)
United States of America Ornamentals (148.483); dry-cured ham (40.854); Dry commodities/structures (cocoa beans) (9.228); Dry commodities/structures (processed foods, herbs and spices, dried milk and cheese processing facilities) (12.865); Eggplant - field, for research only (0.914); Mills and processors (66.915); Peppers - field (436.665); Strawberry fruit - field (207.648); Tomato - field (253.431)

Table B: Permitted levels of production and consumption of methyl bromide to satisfy critical uses in 2006

Country Methyl bromide (metric tonnes)
Australia 9.250
Canada 9.031
Japan 74.900
United States of America 760.585