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Memorandum on partly halogenated chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) (1993)

Annex V : Memorandum issued by the ministers responsible for environmental matters in Germany, Lichtenstein, Switzerland and Austria on partly halogenated chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) - Fifth Meeting of the Parties

In the face of the decisions reached by the Parties to the Montreal Protocol on 25 November 1992 at Copenhagen, and

Being concerned about the most recent measurements indicating once again a clear reduction in the protective ozone layer above the northern hemisphere, and

Being aware of the great progress being made in the development of alternative technologies that are less harmful to the environment,

The Ministers of the Environment of Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria declare the following:

  • In many areas complete substitution of fully halogenated CFCs can already be achieved today without using partly halogenated chloroflourocarbons (HCFCs);
  • The phase-out schedule for HCFCs as agreed upon in Copenhagen should start immediately instead of in 2004; and
  • The phase-out programme for HCFCs should be completed earlier than by the year 2030. The target of the year 2015 set by the European Community for the phase-out of HCFCs is an absolute minimum.

The Parties to the Montreal Protocol are therefore called upon to undertake all measures to phase out all ozone-depleting substances as quickly as possible.