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Declaration by countries with economies in transition (1993)

Annex VIII : Declarations by the Heads of the Delegations representing countries with economies in transition - Fifth Meeting of the Parties

We, the heads of the delegations of the group of countries with economies in transition and Parties to the Montreal Protocol attending the Meeting, namely: Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania, Russian Federation and Ukraine, have discussed the state of affairs regarding the fulfilment of our countries' obligations under the Montreal Protocol,

  • Proceeding from a fundamental position in favour of the development of mutually advantageous, equitable and effective international co-operation on the protection of the ozone layer on the basis of a spirit of mutual understanding and good will,
  • Promoting, to the utmost of our efforts and available possibilities, the achievement of the goals of the Vienna Convention and Montreal Protocol,
  • Endeavouring to preserve the consensus among the Parties to the Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol on all matters under consideration,
  • Understanding that the majority of countries of the world community support the political and socio-economic changes taking place in the Eastern European countries and recognize the fact that the process of restructuring socio-economic relations takes a prolonged and difficult period of time and requires massive financial expenditure, and also cannot occur without political, economic and moral support of other countries.

We request the Parties to the Montreal Protocol to decide at the Sixth Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol on the question of the special status of countries with economies in transition, which would provide for concessions and a certain flexibility in the fulfilment of their obligations under the Montreal Protocol.