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TEAP expertise required

TEAP expertise required

As required by the TEAP TOR an update of the matrix of needed expertise on the TEAP and its TOCs is provided below valid as of September 2022. The required expertise in the matrix below is based on the existing TEAP and TOCs structure. Any structural changes to TOCs that may be agreed by parties at MOP 34 will require reconsideration of the needed expertise within those TOCs, for appointments by TOC co-chairs, in consultation with the TEAP. For reference the standard nomination form is set out at:

Ensuring relevant and sufficient technical expertise is the priority consideration for the Panel and its committees. The need to maintain a reasonable size and balance, to avoid the duplication of expertise and to ensure that specific gaps in expertise are filled, means that experts nominated by parties may sometimes be declined or that their consideration may be deferred by the committee co-chairs in consultation with the Panel co-chairs. Although the committee co-chairs take into account A5/non-A5, gender and geographical balance, relevant technical expertise can outweigh those other considerations.


Required Expertise

A5/ Non-A5

Foams TOC

  • Extruded polystyrene production in India and China
  • Polyurethane system house technical experts
    •     Especially in southern Africa, and
    •     Especially from small- and medium-sized enterprises
  • Foam chemistry experts globally and expertise in building science related to energy efficiency

A5 or non-A5

Halons TOC

  • Fire protection applications in civil aviation, especially maintenance, repair and overhaul activities

A5 / non-A5

  • General civil aviation fire protection applications in A5 parties in particular in South-East Asia
  • Knowledge of halons, HCFCs and high-GWP HFC agent use, their alternatives, and their market penetration in A5 parties in Central and South America, South-East Asia (including China), and Africa (particularly central and south Africa).
  • Banking and supplies of halons, HCFCs and alternatives in A5 parties, particularly in Africa and South America
  • Recycling of halons, HCFCs, high-GWP HFC agents and their alternatives in A5 parties


Methyl Bromide TOC

  • Nursery industries, especially issues affecting the strawberry runner industries globally

A5 or non-A5

  • QPS uses of MB and their alternatives particularly SE Asia


  • Alternatives to QPS uses of MB in Europe


Medical and Chemical TOC

  • Aerosols, including development of new propellants and new aerosol products and components.
  • Destruction technologies, including knowledge of available technologies and their application, and end-of-life management of controlled substances and their products.  
  • Semiconductor and electronics manufacturing.
  • Metered Dose Inhalers

A5 and/or non-A5

Refrigeration TOC

  • Expert on issues related to cold chain technology, supply management and logistics for food and other perishables including agriculture and fisheries, and medicines, such as vaccines, with a focus on sustainability
  • Expert on transport refrigeration and related challenges due to weather, road conditions, servicing, leakage, nature of transported goods, etc.
  • Expert on industrial refrigeration with systems level experience and good understanding of the technology challenges
  • Expert on economy-wide modelling of the impact of different strategies related to refrigerant transition
  • Expert on economic assessment of refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump (RACHP) sector and technology transitions
  • Expert on relevant policies, regulations, tools related to energy efficiency and related environmental benefits through RACHP sector transitions
  • Expert in building and other RACHP load energy analysis and systems integration issues
  • Expert on RACHP industry statistics, global supply chain and market trends analysis

A5 or non-A5

  • Expert on applied building cooling systems, i.e., air conditioning systems that require engineering services to apply them in commercial building systems

A5 (Asia)

  • Expert on Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC) systems and heat pumps in light- and heavy-duty vehicles and in buses; future transition into electric vehicles

A5 (China) or non-A5 (Japan)

Senior Experts

  • Experts with extensive experience on TEAP replenishment task force and thorough knowledge of Multilateral Fund (MLF) operations, technical and economic assessment of sector transitions, and related financial needs of A5 parties under MLF
  • Expert in the analysis and assessment (including modeling) of factors, including energy efficiency and regional economics, for forecasting the market penetration and potential future disposition of HCFCs, HFCs, and alternatives

A5 or non-A5