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TEAP expertise required

TEAP expertise required

As required by the TEAP terms of reference, the matrix of needed expertise for the Panel and it’s Technical Options Committees (TOCs) is provided below, valid as of May 2024. The needed expertise has been identified by the Panel, taking into account expertise provided by current members whose terms expire at the end of 2024.

The matrix of needed expertise is the basis for facilitating the nomination by parties of appropriate experts to the TEAP, its TOCs and Temporary Subsidiary Bodies (TSBs). Nominations are typically made through a simple communication to the TEAP or TOC or the Ozone Secretariat accompanied by the curriculum vitae of the nominee.
A standard nomination form is set out at:


Required Expertise

A5/ Non-A5

Senior Experts

Experts with extensive experience on TEAP technical and economic assessments, especially sector transitions and challenges in A5 parties; extensive knowledge and experience of Multilateral Fund (MLF) decisions, guidelines, operations, and related funding to meet financial needs of A5 parties under the ODS phase-out and HFC phase-down.

Expert in the analysis and assessment (including modelling) of factors, including energy efficiency and regional economics, for forecasting the market penetration and potential future disposition of HCFCs, HFCs, and alternatives

A5 or non-A5


Experts in extruded polystyrene production in India and China 


Polyurethane system house technical experts (especially from small and medium enterprises) 

A5 from southern Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, or Mexico 


Use of HFCs and Alternatives 

South America, Middle East and Africa (2)

Use of halons and alternatives in merchant shipping and recovery from shipbreaking

India, Pakistan

Nuclear power plants

A5 and non-A5

Civil Aviation, (esp. Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul activities)

A5 and non-A5

Halon and HFC recycling

A5 and non-A5

Halon 1301 feedstock use and emissions

A5 and non-A5


QPS uses of MB and their alternatives particularly SE Asia


Alternatives to QPS uses of MB adopted in Europe


Members with expertise in disinfestation of agricultural produce and bilateral trade agreements and links to the Technical Panel on Phytosanitary treatments Committee (TPPT) and the International Plant Protection Convention.

Non-A5 or A5

Nursery industries, especially issues affecting the strawberry runner industries globally

A5 or non-A5


Aerosols manufacturing

China, Indonesia, Latin America

CTC and VSLS global manufacturing and use

A5 or non-A5

Semiconductor and other electronics manufacturing

East Asia, non-A5

End-of-life management and destruction technologies

A5 and non-A5

Metered dose inhalers

A5 and non-A5


Experts with extensive experience on Industrial Refrigeration, both for the food and pharma cold-chain and for other industrial applications.

A5 and non-A5