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Implementation Committee

The functions of the Implementation Committee are to receive, consider and report on any submission by parties related to non-compliance with the Montreal Protocol, to receive, consider and report on any information or observations forwarded by the Secretariat in connection with the preparation of the reports on production and consumption of ozone-depleting substances and on any other information received and forwarded by the Secretariat concerning compliance with the provisions of the Protocol.

The Implementation Committee can also request, where it considers necessary, through the Secretariat, further information on matters under its consideration; it can undertake, upon the invitation of the Party concerned, information-gathering in the territory of that Party for fulfilling its functions. The Committee is also mandated to maintain, in particular for the purposes of drawing up its recommendations, an exchange of information with the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund related to the provision of financial and technical cooperation, including the transfer of technologies to Parties operating under Article 5, paragraph 1, of the Protocol.

In considering the submissions, information and observations it receives, the Implementation Committee is guided by the desire to secure an amicable solution of any non-compliance matter on the basis of respect for the provisions of the Montreal Protocol.

The Implementation Committee reports its recommendations to the Meeting of the Parties on matters it considers appropriate. After receiving a report by the Committee, the Parties may, taking into consideration the circumstances of the non-compliance matter, decide upon and call for steps to bring about full compliance with the Protocol, including measures to assist the Parties' compliance with the Protocol, and to further the Protocol's objectives.

The Committee is comprised of 10 parties elected by the Meeting of the Parties for two years on the basis of equitable geographical distribution. Outgoing parties may be re-elected for one immediate consecutive term. The Committee elects its own President and Vice-President, each serving for one year at a time. The Vice President also serves as the rapporteur of the Committee.


President Osvaldo-Patricio Álvarez-Pérez (Chile)
Vice President and Rapporteur Martijn Hildebrand (Netherlands (Kingdom of the))
One-year membership Lebanon, Netherlands (Kingdom of the), North Macedonia, Senegal and Suriname
Two-year membership Chile, Czechia, Iran, Kenya and the United States of America