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Article 12: Secretariat

For the purposes of this Protocol, the Secretariat shall:

(a) Arrange for and service meetings of the Parties as provided for in Article 11;

(b) Receive and make available, upon request by a Party, data provided pursuant to Article 7;

(c) Prepare and distribute regularly to the Parties reports based on information received pursuant to Articles 7 and 9;

(d) Notify the Parties of any request for technical assistance received pursuant to Article 10 so as to facilitate the provision of such assistance;

(e) Encourage non-Parties to attend the meetings of the Parties as observers and to act in accordance with the provisions of this Protocol;

(f) Provide, as appropriate, the information and requests referred to in subparagraphs (c) and (d) to such non-party observers; and

(g) Perform such other functions for the achievement of the purposes of this Protocol as may be assigned to it by the Parties.