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Annex B: Controlled substances

Group Substance Ozone-Depleting Potential
Group I    
CF3Cl (CFC‑13) 1.0
C2FCl5 (CFC‑111) 1.0
C2F2Cl4 (CFC‑112) 1.0
C3FCl7 (CFC‑211) 1.0
C3F2Cl6 (CFC‑212) 1.0
C3F3Cl5 (CFC‑213) 1.0
C3F4Cl4 (CFC‑214) 1.0
C3F5Cl3 (CFC‑215) 1.0
C3F6Cl2 (CFC‑216) 1.0
C3F7Cl (CFC‑217) 1.0
Group II    
CCl4 carbon tetrachloride 1.1
Group III    
C2H3Cl3* 1,1,1-trichloroethane* (methyl chloroform) 0.1

* This formula does not refer to 1,1,2-trichloroethane.