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Decision VIII/7: Measures taken to improve the Financial Mechanism and technology transfer

The Eighth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. VIII/7:

  1. To note with appreciation the measures taken by the Executive Committee to improve the Financial Mechanism;
  2. To request the Executive Committee to continue with further actions to implement decision VII/22 to improve the Financial Mechanism and report to the Meetings of the Parties annually.
  3. To note the status of preparation of the report on transfer of technology required by Action 21 of decision VII/22;
  4. To set up an Informal Group consisting of four representatives of Parties not operating under Article 5 (1) (Australia, Italy, Netherlands, United States of America) and four representatives of Parties operating under Article 5 (1) (China, Colombia, Ghana, India) to assist the Executive Committee in identifying what steps can practically be taken to eliminate potential impediments to the transfer of ozone-friendly technologies to Parties operating under Article 5 under fair and most favourable conditions;
  5. The Group may meet as necessary and shall submit its reports, if any, to the Executive Committee;
  6. To review this matter at its Ninth Meeting.