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Annex I: Essential use nominations

A. Essential-use nominations for 2004-2005 of CFCs for metered-dose inhalers approved by the Parties at their Fifteenth Meeting

(metric tonnes)

Party 2004 2005
Amount nominated Amount approved Amount nominated Amount approved
European Community 2,043 2,043 1,030 1.030
Hungary -- -- 1.75 *
Poland 78 78 -- --
Russian Federation 378 378 336 336
Switzerland 0.5 0.5 -- --
Ukraine 98.7 83.5 ** -- --
United States of America -- -- 1,902 1,902
Total 2,598.2 2,583.0 3,269.75 3,268.0

* TEAP was unable to make a recommendation and made the following observation: “This nomination appears to represent a company request and does not present full information as to available alternative products. The accounting framework shows an actual use of 0.4 tonnes in 2002. Given the size of the stockpile (1.2 tonnes at the end of 2002) and previous nominations for the years 2003 and 2004, the current nomination seems excessive. TEAP is therefore unable to recommend this nomination based on data available. Hungary has the option to reapply for a 2005 allocation in 2004 with additional information.”

** The nomination is for 83.5 tonnes of CFC for MDIs for asthma/chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and an additional 15.2 tonnes for angina medication. As last year, TEAP was unable to recommend CFCs for anti-angina sprays because oral, sublingual, transcutaneous and aqueous sprays are widely available. TEAP noted that the nomination for asthma/COPD for 2004 represents an approximately 20 per cent reduction on the 2003 nomination.

B. Essential-use nominations for 2004 for laboratory and analytical uses approved by the Parties at their Fifteenth Meeting

(metric tonnes)

Party 2004
Amount nominated Amount approved
  CFC-113, CTC CFC-113, CTC
Poland 1.025 1.025
Total 1.025 1.025