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Decision XV/6: List of uses of controlled substances as process agents

The Fifteenth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. XV/6 to adopt the following uses of controlled substances as a revised table A for decision X/14:

Table: List of uses of controlled substances as process agents

No. Process agent application Substance
1 Elimination of NCl3 in the production of chlorine and caustic CTC
2 Recovery of chlorine in tail gas from production of chlorine CTC
3 Manufacture of chlorinated rubber CTC
4 Manufacture of endosulphan (insecticide) CTC
5 Manufacture of isobutyl acetophenone (ibuprofen - analgesic) CTC
6 Manufacture of 1-1, bis (4-chlorophenyl) 2,2,2- trichloroethanol (dicofolinsecticide) CTC
7 Manufacture of chlorosulphonated polyolefin (CSM) CTC
8 Manufacture of poly-phenylene-terephtal-amide CTC
9 Manufacture of fluoropolymer resins CFC-113
10 Manufacture of fine synthetic polyolefin fibre sheet CFC-11
11 Manufacture of styrene butadiene rubber CTC
12 Manufacture of chlorinated paraffin CTC
13 Photochemical synthesis of perfluoropolyetherpolyperoxide precursors of Z‑perfluoropolyethers and difunctional derivatives CFC-12
14 Reduction of perfluoropolyetherpolyperoxide intermediate for production of perfluoropolyether diesters CFC-113
15 Preparation of perfluoropolyether diols with high functionality CFC-113
16 Bromohexine hydrochloride CTC
17 Diclofenac sodium CTC
18 Phenyl glycine CTC
19 Production of Cyclodime CTC
20 Production of chlorinated polypropene CTC
21 Production of chlorinated EVA CTC
22 Production of methyl isocyanate derivatives CTC
23 Production of 3-phenoxy benzaldehyde CTC
24 Production of 2-chloro-5-metyhlpyridine CTC
25 Production of Imidacloprid CTC
26 Production of Buprofenzin CTC
27 Production of Oxadiazon CTC
28 Production of chloradized N-methylaniline CTC
29 Production of Mefenacet CTC
30 Production of 1,3- dichlorobenzothiazole CTC
31 Bromination of a styrenic polymer BCM (bromochloro-methane)