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Decision XV/9: Status of destruction technologies for ozone-depleting substances and code of good housekeeping

The Fifteenth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. XV/9:

  1. To recall that the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer does not require the Parties to destroy ozone-depleting substances;
  2. To note that the report of the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel of April 2002 (volume 3, report on the Task Force on Destruction Technologies) provides information on the technical and economic performance and commercial viability of destruction technologies for ozone-depleting substances;
  3. To take note of the previous decisions of the Meeting of the Parties on the approval of destruction technologies (decisions IV/11, VII/35 and XIV/6) and, in particular, to note that those decisions did not distinguish between the capabilities of destruction technologies for specific types of ozone-depleting substances;
  4. To approve, for the purposes of paragraph 5 of Article 1 of the Montreal Protocol, the destruction technologies listed as “approved” in annex II to the present report , which were found by the Task Force on Destruction Technologies to meet the destruction and removal efficiencies set out therein;
  5. To recognize that, in approving the technologies listed in annex II, the Parties acknowledge that two technologies previously approved for all ozone-depleting substances have been limited in their scope to omit halons;
  6. To call on each Party that operates, or plans to operate, approved technologies in accordance with paragraph 2 above to ensure that its destruction facilities are operated in accordance with the Code of Good Housekeeping Procedures, contained in annex III to the present report , as updated in the progress report of the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel in May 2003 and subsequently amended by the Parties, unless similar or stricter procedures currently exist domestically;
  7. To highlight the need for Parties to pay particular attention to the adherence of facilities for the destruction of ozone-depleting substances to relevant international or national standards addressing hazardous substances and taking into account cross-media emissions and discharges, including those identified in annex IV to the present report .