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Decision V/11: Review under paragraph 8 of Article 5 of the Protocol

The Fifth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. V/11:

The comments of the Parties will be invited on the draft report in a manner so as to be available to the Open-ended Working Group and the Meeting of the Parties if required;

  1. To request the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol to prepare a report in respect of the review referred to in paragraph 8 of Article 5, taking into account section II, paragraph 4, of decision IV/18 and submit it to the Open-ended Working Group of the Parties through the Secretariat by 31 December 1994 and to prepare, and submit through the Secretariat, an addendum to its report no later than three months before the 1995 Meeting of the Parties with a view to its consideration at that Meeting. Such report shall include consideration of:
    1. The operation of the Fund to date;
    2. The rate at which low- and non-ozone-depleting-substance technologies are being transferred to or developed by Parties operating under Article 5, including the report on the actual implementation of these technologies;
    3. The progress made and problems encountered by Article 5 Parties in implementing their country programmes;
    4. The current plans of Article 5 Parties as articulated in their country programmes;
    5. The financial implications of various phase-out strategies, including a comparison in achieving the targets set in the London and the Copenhagen Amendments;
    6. The feasibility of achieving the greatest possible reduction as soon as possible.
  2. To request the Open-ended Working Group of the Parties to consider the report and make recommendations as appropriate to the Seventh Meeting of the Parties.