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Annex III: Trust Fund for the Montreal Protocol: Approved 2002 and proposed 2003 and 2004 budgets

Approved 2002 and Proposed 2003 and 2004 Budgets

        w/m 2002 (US$) w/m 2003 (US$) w/m 2004 (US$)
  1100 Project personnel            
    1101 Executive Secretary (D-2) (shared with the Vienna Convention, VC) 6 104,726 6 105,000 6 105,000
    1102 Deputy Executive Secretary (D-1) 12 150,000 12 150,000 12 150,000
    1103 Senior Legal Officer (P-5) 12 120,000 12 120,000 12 120,000
    1104 Senior Scientific Affairs Officer (P-5) (shared with VC) 6 91,000 6 82,500 6 82,500
    1105 Administrative Officer (P-4) (paid by UNEP)   0   0   0
    1106 Programme Officer (Database Management) P3 12 100,000 12 103,000 12 112,000
    1107 Programme Officer (Communication & Information) P3 (to be paid from VC)   0 6 0 12 0
    1108 Programme Officer (Monitoring and Compliance) - P3   0 6 60,000 12 112,000
  1199 Sub-total   565,726   620,500   681,500
  1200 Consultants            
    1201 Assistance in data-reporting, analysis and promotion of the implementation of the Protocol   135,000   50,000   50,000
  1299 Sub-total   135,000   50,000   50,000
  1300 Administrative Support            
    1301 Administrative Assistant (G-7) (shared with VC) 6 11,279 6 10,500 6 10,500
    1302 Personal Assistant (G-6) 12 18,996 12 20,000 12 20,500
    1303 Programme Assistant (G-6) (paid by VC)   0   0   0
    1304 Information Assistant (G-6) (shared with VC) 6 10,092 6 10,500 6 11,000
    1305 Programme Assistant (G-6) (shared with VC) 6 10,092 6 10,500 6 11,000
    1306 Documents Clerk (G-4) 12 9,490 12 10,000 12 10,500
    1307 Data Assistant (G-6) 12 20,171 12 20,200 12 20,500
    1308 Programme Assistant - Fund (G-6) (paid by UNEP)   0   0   0
    1309 Logistics Assistant (G-3) (paid by UNEP)   0   0   0
    1310 Bilingual Senior Secretary (G-6) (to be paid from VC)   0   0   0
    1320 Temporary Assistance   10,172   15,000   15,000
    1321 Open-ended Working Group Meetings   390,000   350,000   350,000
    1322 Preparatory and Parties Meetings (shared with VC every three years, it applies to 2002 & 2005)   320,000   430,000   430,000
    1323 Assessment Panel Meetings   76,887   75,000   75,000
    1324 Bureau Meetings   30,000   20,000   20,000
    1325 Implementation Committee Meetings   30,000   40,000   40,000
    1326 MP informal consultation meetings to promote ratification and compliance   10,000   12,000   12,000
  1399 Sub-total   947,179   1,023,700   1,026,000


Travel on Official Business

    1601 Staff travel on official business   130,000   150,000   150,000
    1602 Travel on official business (Conference Services staff and UN Information Officer)   15,000   15,000   15,000
  1699 Sub-total   145,000   165,000   165,000
1999 COMPONENT TOTAL   1,792,905   1,859,200   1,922,500
  3300 Support for Participation            
    3301 Assessment Panel Meetings   450,000   400,000   400,000
    3302 Preparatory and Parties Meetings   350,000   350,000   350,000
    3303 Open-ended Working Group Meetings   300,000   300,000   300,000
    3304 Bureau Meetings   35,000   40,000   40,000
    3305 Implementation Committee Meetings   75,000   115,000   115,000
    3306 Consultations in an informal meeting   100,000   50,000   50,000
  3399 Sub-total   1,310,000   1,255,000   1,255,000
3999 COMPONENT TOTAL   1,310,000   1,255,000   1,255,000
  4100 Expendable Equipment (items under $1,500)            
    4101 Miscellaneous expendables (shared with VC)   23,890   17,000   17,000
  4199 Sub-total   23,890   17,000   17,000
  4200 Non-Expendable Equipment            
    4201 Personal computers and accessories   5,000   10,000   5,000
    4202 Portable computers   5,000   4,500   0
    4203 Other office machines (server, fax, scanner, etc.)   5,000   5,000   5,000
    4204 Photocopiers   0   0   10,000
  4299 Sub-total   15,000   19,500   20,000
  4300 Premises            
    4301 Rental of office premises (shared with VC)   25,000   26,000   26,000
  4399 Sub-total   25,000   26,000   26,000
4999 COMPONENT TOTAL   63,890   62,500   63,000


Operation and Maintenance of Equipment

    5101 Maintenance of equipment and others (shared with VC)   14,200   14,500   14,500
  5199 Sub-total   14,200   14,500   14,500
  5200 Reporting Costs            
    5201 Reporting   64,600   54,000   54,000
    5202 Reporting (Assessment Panels)   66,000   15,000   10,000
    5203 Reporting (Protocol Awareness)   10,000   10,000   10,000
  5299 Sub-total   140,600   79,000   74,000
  5300 Sundry            
    5301 Communications   40,000   45,000   45,000
    5302 Freight charges (documents)   70,000   60,000   60,000
    5303 Training   12,500   12,500   12,500
    5304 Others (International Ozone Day)   5,000   12,000   12,000
  5399 Sub-total   127,500   129,500   129,500
  5400 Hospitality            
    5401 Hospitality   9,000   12,000   12,000
  5499 Sub-total   9000.00   12,000   12,000
5999 COMPONENT TOTAL   291,300   235,000   230,000
99 TOTAL DIRECT PROJECT COST   3,458,095   3,411,700   3,470,500
  Programme support costs (13%)   449,551   443,520   451,164
  GRAND TOTAL (inclusive of programme support costs)   3,907,646   3,855,220   3,921,664
  A. Draw down from Montreal Protocol Trust Fund balance*   675,000   675,000   675,000
  B. Draw down resulting from Secretariat's 2000 unspent balance* * 740,000   250,869   0
  C. Additional draw down resulting from 2001 unspent balance***   0   400,000   686,000
  D. Draw down from interest income ****   0   250,000   250,000
  Sub-total contributions   1,415,000   1,575,869   1,611,000
  Contribution from the Parties   2,492,646   2,279,351   2,310,664

* The draw down of $675,000 per year for 2003 and 2004 from the Trust Fund's unspent balance was based on Decision XI/21, paragraphs 5 and 6 of the 11th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol.

** To cover the additional requirements arising from decisions of the Meetings of the Parties, i.e. study on illegal trade - Dec.XII/10, as well as work related to the 2002 assessment reports being prepared by TEAP, SAP and EEAP, the Secretariat proposed at the 13th MOP a draw down resulting from savings in 2000.

*** As a result of unexpected savings in 2001, the Secretariat proposes an additional draw down of $1,186,868 as follows: $400,000 for 2003, $686,000 for 2004 and $100,868 for 2005. The 2005 budget proposal will be presented at the 15th Meeting of the Parties.

**** To further reduce the contribution of the Parties for 2003 and 2004, a draw down of $250,000 will be made from the interest income annually accruing to the Fund, and continuing thereafter until further review


Explanatory notes for the proposed 2003 and 2004 budgets for the Trust Fund for the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer


Budget line Comment

1101-1104, 1106 and 1108


1107 and 1108

The Parties have decided that, in future, proposals for the establishment and classification of all posts must be presented to them for consideration and approval before they are presented for processing by the United Nations system. The Parties approve the number and type of posts, and make financial provisions for them when they make budget decisions.

Standard professional salary costs applicable to the Nairobi duty station for 2003 have been used for 2003 and 2004 budget proposals. Unspent commitments normally revert to the Trust Fund.

The post of the Administrative Officer continues to be paid from the 13 per cent programme support costs based on actual expenditures.

At the second Meeting of the Parties, in 1990, the ozone secretariat’s present staff –Executive Secretary, Deputy Executive Secretary, Senior Scientific Affairs Officer, Senior Legal Officer and Administrative Officer – were approved. The number of Parties to the Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol at that time (mid-1990) was 66 and 59 respectively, and the number of controlled substances listed in annex A was eight. In 1996, a sixth post, Programme Officer (Data Management), was approved in response to the urgent requirement to compile and analyse data on ozone-depleting substances (ODS) and to coordinate the computer systems of the secretariat. To date, there are 185 and 184 Parties to the Vienna Convention and Montreal Protocol respectively, and the number of controlled substances has increased to 96, yet the number of staff has remained the same.

The rise in the number of Parties and the adoption of four Amendments to the Montreal Protocol has resulted in an equivalent increase in the workload. The worldwide interest in the Montreal Protocol has grown steadily, and Governments, research scholars, industries, trade organizations, and non-governmental organizations continuously seek information from the secretariat. Moreover, the introduction of Internet and e-mail communications has increased the workload of the secretariat exponentially.

In addition, there has been a need for increased monitoring of compliance issues under the Montreal Protocol, especially after developing countries began implementation of compliance measures to phase out ODS; increased interaction with Governments through the Implementation Committee on compliance issues; monitoring of illegal trade in ODS; monitoring implementation of licensing systems by Parties; and increased interaction with the Executive Committee of the Multilateral Fund, as well as with the implementing agencies of the Fund and ozone officers in developing countries and countries with economies in transition on compliance issues.

To respond effectively and efficiently to the requirements of the Parties and other stakeholders, the secretariat has reviewed its staffing levels and requires the strengthening of its capacity to deliver the work by increasing its human resources. Two posts are being presented for approval by the Parties: one Programme Officer (Communication and Information) to be funded from the Vienna Convention Trust Fund, who will be responsible for handling communication and information services, and another Officer (Monitoring and Compliance) to be funded from the Montreal Protocol Trust Fund, who will assist in the monitoring and follow-up of issues relating to compliance with the implementation of the Montreal Protocol.

Budget provision for 6 months only to cover the second half of 2003 has been proposed, as the post (1108) to be funded under the Trust Fund for the Montreal Protocol will need to be established and classified before recruitment can commence.

1201 Assistance in data reporting and analysis, as well as in the development of a fully interlinked, digital system at the secretariat will be required. Funds under this line can be transferred to line 1100 to create short-term Professional posts if necessary.
1301 to 1307 Standard General Service salary costs applicable to the Nairobi duty station for 2003 have been used for 2003 and 2004 budget proposals.
1308-1309 The posts of Programme Assistant (Fund) and Logistics Assistant continue to be paid from the 13 per cent programme support costs based on actual expenditures.
1310 The establishment of a bilingual senior secretarial post at the G-6 level to be funded from the Vienna Convention Trust Fund is presented for approval by the Parties. It is envisaged that the bilingual general support staff will increase the secretariat’s capacity to deliver work promptly and efficiently in two languages without having to send the correspondence for translation every time.

Budget provision for 6 months only in 2003 has been proposed as the post will have to be established and classified before recruitment can commence.

1320 The secretariat continues to convert archives into electronic files for ease of retrieval and for posting on the web site. To assist the secretariat in this, as well as in other work related to servicing the requirements of 183 Parties, particularly in the area of document preparation and organization of participants’ travel, the secretariat requires funding allocation for temporary support staff.
1321-1326 Necessary funds may be transferred from the conference servicing budget lines (1321-1326) should such services be required to be rendered either by individual consultancies or corporate contracts. The total cost of organizing the meetings should not, however, exceed the amounts agreed in this budget.

The current conference servicing costs have been based on the following assumptions:

(a) 1321: One meeting of the Open-ended Working Group to be held each year during 2003 and 2004, in Nairobi, using six languages;

(b) 1322: The Meeting of the Parties and its preparatory meeting will be held in Nairobi in both years, in six languages. When meetings are not held in Nairobi, the incremental cost will be borne by the host Government;

(c) 1323: The budget allocation in 2003 and 2004 for the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel, the Scientific Assessment Panel and the Environmental Effects Assessment Panel will cover the costs of their annual meetings, as well as communication and other sundry costs related to the work of panel members from developing countries and countries with economies in transition;

(d) 1324: Two bureau meetings are scheduled for each of the years 2003 and 2004, in two languages;

(e) 1325: At least two Implementation Committee meetings are scheduled for each of the years 2003 and 2004 with interpretation as required. From 2003, an intersessional meeting of the Implementation Committee will be held prior to the Meeting of the Parties;

(f) 1326: At least one informal consultation meeting per year is envisaged for 2003 and 2004 on the promotion of the ratification of and compliance with the Montreal Protocol and its Amendments. It is expected to take place in Nairobi.

1601 Staff travel is undertaken in the context of the activities of the secretariat. Some missions will be undertaken in 2003 and 2004 to promote compliance and the ratification of the Montreal Protocol Amendments.


Participation of developing countries:

The participation of representatives from article 5 Parties in the various Protocol meetings is assumed at $5,000 per participation taking into account not more than one person’s travel costs per country, using the most appropriate and advantageous economy-class fare and United Nations per diem allowances.

Travel of around 80 article 5 members in the Assessment Panel meetings (Scientific Assessment Panel, Environmental Effects Assessment Panel and Technology and Economic Assessment Panel and its Technical Options Committees) has been allocated for 2003 and 2004 respectively.

3302 and 3303 Participation costs for some 70 representatives attending the meeting of the Parties and 60 attending the Open-ended Working Group Meeting for 2003 and 2004.
3304 Participation costs are based on two bureau meetings a year for four participants from developing countries or countries with economies in transition at each meeting.
3305 The participation costs for the two Implementation Committee meetings a year are based on eight members from developing countries and countries with economies in transition at each meeting and two country representatives invited by the Implementation Committee at each meeting. Provision has also been made for the travel of the Implementation Committee President or Vice-President from an article 5 country to attend three Executive Committee meetings a year.
3306 Funds have been allocated to finance the participation of 10 participants from developing countries and countries with economies in transition as

part of informal consultations on non-compliance with the Montreal Protocol, assumed to be held in Nairobi.

4101 The cost of miscellaneous expendables has been reduced in 2003 from $25,084 as proposed at the thirteenth Meeting of the Parties to $17,000 based on actual expenditures during 2000 and 2001. Stringent monitoring and careful use of resources account for the reduction in expenditure during 2000 and 2001.
4200 The secretariat is maintaining its electronic data processing systems in order to make the documentation of the Protocol and the Convention available electronically to the Parties. This requires procurement of necessary peripherals and software licenses and updating of the existing computer equipment. A minimum provision has been made to enable the secretariat to replace some equipment each year.
4300 The actual expenditure for 2001 has been used as the basis for the 2003 and 2004 provision in this line.
5202 The year 2002 is assessment year and provision for printing of at least 9 reports has been made in 2002. The next assessment will be in 2006. The printing costs for 2003 and 2004 therefore have been reduced from the $66,000 in 2002 to $15,000 and $10,000 in 2003 and 2004 respectively.
5301 Careful monitoring of telecommunications resources and the continuous resort to the use of electronic mail instead of facsimile communications enable the secretariat to maintain a relatively low budget provision in this line.
5303 The training line is being maintained at the same level. The staff continues to avail of the training and development programme.
5304 The ozone secretariat will provide a subsidy to three countries per year during 2003 and 2004 to assist in the preparations for the celebration of the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.