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Decision XIV/31: Non-compliance with the Montreal Protocol by Armenia

The Fourteenth Meeting of the Parties decided in Dec. XIV/31:

  1. To note that Armenia has reported data on consumption of substances in Annex A to the Montreal Protocol in 2000 above control levels as provided in Article 2 of the Protocol, and therefore that Armenia is in non-compliance with the control measures under Article 2 of the Montreal Protocol in 2000;
  2. To note that, in accordance with Decision XIII/18 of the Thirteenth Meeting of the Parties, Armenia was requested to ratify the London Amendment as a precondition for Global Environment Facility (GEF) funding, and that this has not occurred;
  3. To further note that since Armenia has applied for reclassification as a developing country operating under Article 5 of the Montreal Protocol, the Implementation Committee should review the situation of Armenia after this matter is resolved.